The Honeymoon Pack

I used to meet so many brides-to-be planning their weddings and believe it or not, their swimsuits for the honeymoon proved to cause just as much anxiety as picking out their wedding dresses; for different reasons of course. There’s definitely a “vibe” to the destination that will carryover into the choice of suit she picks. For some brides-to-be they want sexy, for some, they want classic, still others didn’t care- as long as it was white. But if your honeymoon is for 3 weeks at a beach location, how do you pick swimsuits for that amount of time?

So, first things first: you probably won’t go to the beach/pool everyday. Figure out the amount of suits you want to bring, realistically.  For me, I would probably bring 10 different swimsuits, (I’m a swimsuit designer, I have a million swimsuits), if you’re not a swimsuit designer perhaps bring about 4 or 5. Let them be primarily 2 pc’s (2 pc’s are tankini’s, bikini’s, or anything with a separate top and bottom), with one 1pc. The 2pc’s will allow you to mix and match the tops and bottoms, to look like brand new swimsuits! The one pc will stand out more, so you won’t be able to wear it as often while gone. Pack about 3 coverups, a pair of wedges, a pair of super cute flip flops, a great bag, some simple sneakers, sunglasses, sun block, a book and you’ve got all of your beach gear.

Try these great ideas to get the honeymoon pack started!

The oversized Sarong, Nager By Nic Hyl: We recently had a contest give-a-way for this gem of a coverup; the great thing about it is that it can be worn so many different ways! Definitely a space saver for packing and a great way to switch your look up while gone. Nager By Nic Hyl www.nagerbynichyl.com

The Oversized Sarong Nager By Nic Hyl  www.nagerbynichyl.com

The Oversized Sarong Nager By Nic Hyl www.nagerbynichyl.com

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Malia Mills

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