The Fruit of Your Labor

It’s Labor Day Weekend! Yaaaaaayyyy!!! That means time for some last minute fun in the sun and the end of summer. Hopefully, you’ve been keeping to your summer workout routine and you’ll look flawless in all of the amazing beach and pool inspired looks you’ll be wearing this weekend. If you’re still hunting for some last minute outfits to wear this weekend, check out the deals that are going on. Waiting till the last minute definitely pays off!

It’s also a great time of year to buy off season product. As a fashion industry professional, l don’t believe in spending a ton of money on my clothes, not when I can get them for free sometimes (work perks). So I’ve learned to buy off season. What does that mean? It means I buy my summer clothes in the winter and my winter clothes in the summer, note this applies to shoes too. You’d be surprised at how much I save. I’ve also learned to shop sales first, then I meander over to the regular priced section. The only time I pay full price? If I would marry the item (meaning I LOVE it so much, I can’t live without it), then and only then do I pay full price (this excludes shoes and handbags 🙂

Boston Proper: They have such a great sale going on right now! Get 30%-50% off sale and clearance. A perfect time to revamp your summer time wardrobe with the pieces they’re trying to get rid of to make room for their fall/winter pieces. You get the perks here by saving so much! Labor Day Sale: 30%-50% OFF Sale & Clearance. Valid 8/28-9/1

Boston Proper, Inc.

Swimsuits Direct: Need a last minute great swimsuit? Check out Swimsuits Direct! They’ve got super great suits for a great price and right now they’re having a sale. Remember when buying swimsuits on-line, buy your regular size. Can’ remember what that is? Try on one of your old suits and see how it fits. If you’re trying on a triangle top in your home, it’s a good gauge for how the triangle top on line will  fit. IF you need to get  a larger size, then order one size up. Most on-line swimsuit retailers offer a great return policy-as long as the suit has never been worn. So don’t pop those tags until you’re walking out of the door! 25% OFF Labor Day SALE plus FREE Shipping and FREE Returns with code LABORDAY25 from 8/27/14 thru 9/3/14 at SwimSuitsDirect – SHOP NOW!

Swimsuits Direct

Casadei: I love shoes! To be honest with you, I don’t mind paying full price for shoes. My logic is that they last much longer than clothes, I can get them repaired and they’ll look brand new, my feet won’t change that much over time compared to my body, and I can get more wear out of a pair of shoes than I can a dress. I say all of that to say, if I can get shoes on sale, there’s no stopping me. Cassedi is a great, high end shoe brand. Their shoes are so well made and just beautiful. I have to get a pair! 50% Off Casadei SS14 Collection

Casadei SS14 Sale - 50% off

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