The Friend Series- Men’s Fashion with Maro

These friends of mine, are nothing short of AMAZING! My friend Maro is an entrepreneur with his finger on the pulse of men’s fashion, technology, and his own on line magazine. I definitely respect Maro’s p.o.v. as it relates to men’s fashion. See what he had to say, when we chatted about it. I’ll definitely be sharing his tips and advice with the men I know 🙂

Q: TS&S-What trends are you loving in men’s fashion right now?

A: Maro– I don’t know if it’s a trend per se, but on the suiting side I’m seeing more relaxed fits mixed in with slimmer cuts. I guess it really just depends on the designer. I’m also seeing a lot of designers take chances. You can see that in the latest Yeezy collection and the latest release from Public School

Q: TS&S– Do you think women’s fashion influences men’s fashion? If so, how?

A: Maro- The only similarities I see are in colors and that’s more seasonal. For the most part the guys have done a great job staying in their lane.

Q: TS&S-What new men’s brands or designers do we need to watch?

A: Maro-A lot of people laugh, but Kanye is definitely one to watch. His drive and passion are insane. Virgil Abloh is coming into his own right now. Steven Alan is also another one of my favorite new designers.

Q: TS&S– I always feel men’s fashion is all about the details. What details would you recommend men to pay attention to?

A: Maro– Accessories. You can never go wrong with a nice timepiece.

Q: TS&S- What fashion advice would you give to a man looking to update his personal style?

A: Maro- That’s the thing people get so misconstrued when it comes to fashion. There are no rules. You just have to be confident and comfortable in whatever it is that you’re wearing.

Check out Maro’s on-line magazine, for the latest in men’s fashion, trends and more! I love it!

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Maro From Apparatus Magazine

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