The Cut Off

Cut off shorts are going to be in full force this summer season. They can vary in length from long and lean cut off at the knee, or short and loose or short and tight for that matter. It really just depends on what look you’re going for and how comfortable you feel in them. I was going to talk about different brands that you can buy, but I thought this would be a fun DIY post. You already have everything you need to make them at home. No, really you do. My favorite thing about DIY cutoffs, is that you can make them the length that you want to.

  1. Start by finding a pair of jeans that fit well, and you won’t mind cutting.

  2. Put them on and mark, very indiscreetly, a place along the length of your leg where you want your shorts to stop. Note, somehow they will look shorter when you have them on.

  3. Take the jeans off and find the mark you made when they were on you.

  4. With your ruler, draw a straight line, from left to right, to extend the length of your mark. This is your cut line.

  5. Make the same mark, on the same place, on the opposite leg.

  6. Measure from the waistband to the line. It should be the same distance on both sides of the leg.

  7. Once your measurements match exactly, you’re ready to cut. Cut a clean, even line.

  8. You will have to wash and dry your new shorts a few times, to get the edges to fray. The more you wash, the more they’ll fray. *TIP: if you want to beat them up a bit, get some sand paper from your local hardware store and rub them against the denim before you wash. The denim will soften and begin to wear out in that area. 

  9. Enjoy!

Everything you need to make cut off shorts: Ruler, jeans, pen, scissors

Everything you need to make cut off shorts: Ruler, jeans, pen, scissors

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