Thanksgiving Day Meal Prep

With turkey day literally around the corner, meal perp is on the minds of us all. For some, meal prep means going to the grocery store, buying, cleaning, and stuffing a turkey, running to the grocers again and buying and cooking more food for more people than you normally do. For others meal prep is how to prepare to eat such a big, festive feast when they are usually on a strict diet. I fall into the second category. So how do you do it?

Despite the fact that I went to a macaroon class yesterday and now have more french macaroons than anyone should have, I’ve been doing ok with my eating as we approach the holiday season. I understand that I am going to eat things that I don’t typically eat, and my workouts may not be as frequent, but I am ok with that and will control my eating as best I can-while still enjoying myself and the parties I go to. Life is short, so I definitely don’t believe in depriving myself of good food. But overindulgence is also, no bueno. So that perfect balance works perfectly for me. Take a look at my go to tips for trying to stay healthy during holi time:

Having a Healthy Thanksgiving and Holiday is Easy with the RIght Preperation

Having a Healthy Thanksgiving and Holiday is Easy with the Right Preparation

I still drink plenty of water. Drinking water in this scenario will make you feel full, which means you’ll eat less. That’s the point when the food in front of you isn’t very healthy.

I do little mini workouts when I can. If I’m just sitting around watching t.v. on my couch b/c I’m off, then I’ll do 50 sit-ups during the commercial, or 30 dead lifts, while the theme song is playing. It doesn’t sound like much, but believe you me, if you do it for 2 shows a day, for 1 week, you’ve done quite a few sit ups.

I still eat a healthy meal at least once a day. If I can, I’ll let that meal be breakfast. I’m more likely to eat well for the rest of the day if I start my day off with a good meal.

Eat the candy. I don’t deprive myself of the cravings I  have when I see pies and cookies and every other sweet treat. I feel like If I deprive myself, I’ll just end up caving in and binge snack on sweets. By giving myself a candy here or a cookie there, I’m less likely to overeat when it’s  in front of me. It’s sort of psychological, but it works for me.

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