Survival of the Fittest

Twas 2 days before Fashion Week, and all through the town, not a fashion mis-hap was had, and there were no frowns. Bloggers prepared for visions with glee, this will be the inaugural fashion week, as a blogger for me. I’m so excited!!!! If you don’t already know, MBFW (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week) is the beginning of it all. This is where the world sees what influence the world of fashion will release into society at large. Thousands upon thousands make a pilgrimage to New York City to see back to back shows, network and be in the thrill of it all. Fortunately, I live here, so me and my camera will pack up for some eye candy, to report back to you.

While meandering my way though Lincoln Center, and possibly finding my way into a show by accident (I have no press credentials-I’m sure I will have stories to share with you about the adventures that come along with that), I’ve got to look great, so below are some of the things I’m packing in my fashion week survival pack to help.

  1. The best way to look refreshed is in the eyes, i.m.o (in my opinion), this great firming and cooling gel will keep my eyes from looking like my luggage set moved in and keep the bags away.OLEHENRIKSEN® Skin Care

  1. Because I don’t want to look like a 4 yr old in the snow/rain- it will snow or rain, it always does. Hunter – FREE SHIPPING on all orders

  1. Jewelry is either statement or minimalist. I’ll probably bounce back and fourth over the course of MBFW, but here’s my favorite gold chunky.

A Gold Chunky

A Gold Chunky

 *Notice the nude nails we spoke about in one of the previous post?

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