Summer Check In

Holy Moly it’s March. Do you know what that means? Summer is right around the corner. Now, I know here in the northeast it’s hard to notice or even tell when the temps are in the teens and low twenties, but summer will be here before we notice. That means that now more than ever, your eating habits and work out routines are important, b/c summer bodies are made in the winter.

So what are you doing to get that summer body? Every little bit helps and contributes to your long term goal. If you haven’t exactly kept up with your New Year’s resolution, it’s never too late to start. Implement 15- 3o minutes to start towards your fitness routine and start making healthier food choices, you’d be surprised how far that will take you.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Take the stairs: this is a great way to build a mini workout during your normal work day. Don’t forget to squeeze your glutes when stepping to target those hard to reach glute muscles. The extra squeeze will increase blood flow to the region and maximize those precious steps.

Stairs Are a Great Workout You Can Do Whenever You See Them.

Stairs Are a Great Workout You Can Do Whenever You See Them.

H.I.I.T If you’re crunched for time, H.I.I.T, or High Intensitiy Interval Training, is a great way to maximize your workout in the shortest amount of time. It combines intense cardio with strength training exercises. The results are amazing! Consider adding burpees to your planks, or doing kick backs with your planks and then leg extensions. The possibilities are endless….

Planks Are a Great H.I.I.T Exercise.

Planks Are a Great H.I.I.T Exercise.

As with any physical activity, please make sure to consult your doctor before beginning. Note I am not a personal trainer, but I do these workouts for my own fitness goals.

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