Style Icons: Vol. 1

Fashion is something that is universal. It doesn’t matter how greatly you’ve succumbed to the movement, or how resistant you’ve tried to be towards it, fashion will always be of importance. It’s always been a great love of mine, whether it’s looking at an array of collections online or admiring looks I spot on my way to class. Over the years, I’ve grown to love people’s own personal styles, I use it as inspiration to build my own. I’ve also grown to realize that my own personal style has become overwhelmed with the number of influences I look to for inspiration. With great loves comes influences and icons, and here is just a little taste of what inspires me.

Marilyn Monroe (@marilynmonroe)

Marilyn Monroe is peak ‘Hollywood Glamour’. You can argue against this, but just know, you’re wrong. Ever since I saw her in Some Like It Hot, I’ve been undoubtedly enchanted by her. She’s the leading lady and inspiration for my fifties objectives, not because she’s stunning, but because she’s the epitome of everything I wanted to be growing up. I used to have an unhealthy obsession with this woman that began at eleven years old. I was always taught to believe that she was a slut and only good for her sex appeal, so I thought that loving her was wrong. But I was wrong for being ignorant, and for that, I’ve always felt deeply apologetic. Marilyn was pure. She was unproblematic and captivating in everything she did. Her style was classic, alluring, and timeless; an aspect of who I want to be. No matter what she put on, she looked fabulous, which inspired me to be confident in myself regardless of if I am or not.

Tracee Ellis Ross (@traceeellisross)

It was imperative that I include Tracee Ellis Ross in this line-up for obvious reasons. I didn’t get my fill of this amazing woman until a few years ago when I was shown how stunning she is, inside and out. I’ve gotten to know her better, or understand her better, over the last few years and I’m happy I did. Miss Ross is eccentric in the best way possible. She’s flamboyant, regal, and concise with whatever she wears. Her wardrobe matches her big personality and she inspires me to get a little crazier, to be more “out there”, and to be adherently unapologetic.

Jane Birkin (@janebirkindaily)

Another classic and one of our sixties/seventies queens, Jane Birkin. A French icon. My French icon. I’ve always said that if I could’ve grown up as any kind of woman, I would’ve been French. Not only are French women effortlessly cool and chic, their style is unmatched. Parisians, especially have such a niche style, I could spend my whole life trying to achieve it and wouldn’t because I was probably thinking about it too hard. Jane exuded ‘The French Girl‘ with her shaggy bangs and sleek thigh highs. I know I could never be the Parisian woman, but looking at Birkin doesn’t make me want it any less. I like to think that her influence has had an impact on me for the days where I could care less about what I’ve thrown on because fashion can be bought, but style can’t.

Solange (@saintrecords) 

I’ve always loved Solange’s style, even from the early 2000s. Her aberrant way of rocking just about anything in every way possible encouraged me to do the same. I seldom did, but seeing her be a carefree black girl really made me want to, though. Since earlier times, she’s definitely evolved, fashionably and musically. Solange is now a true-to-self carefree black woman, living her best life, doing what she loves, and looking great while doing so. She’s been the advocate for minimalism, wearing colors that (if you’re a woman of color) you were told not to wear, and taking those avant-garde garments you see in campaigns and on runways, and making it a casual aesthetically pleasing look.

Elsa Hosk (@hoskelsa) 

Elsa Hosk has created a special place in my heart for herself. How I missed her during every year’s fashion affairs is a mystery to me, but I’m glad I’ve rediscovered her, in a way. I’ve been told my aesthetic is essentially “model off duty”, which is great because I live for M.O.D looks, especially during fashion week and castings. Elsa has become one of the queens of the model street style looks. She has definitely become an important influence when it comes to styling my own self.

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