String Fling

I’ve been focused on flattering swimsuits the last few days. Today, I continue the conversation by talking about the string bikini. It is the most intimidating of all the swimsuits to wear, because it is the one with the least amount of coverage. Trust me when I say, regardless of the women’s body type, this suit is nerve racking. I used to be a store manager of a swim suit shop, and I was helping a woman try on different swimsuits. SHe was trying on a string bikini, and I commented to her, “you have the most amazing figure! What work out and diet do you do?” She replied, ” I row for the U.S. Women’s Olympic Team”.  Next she asked me if she looked fat in her string bikini she was trying on. I learned that day that if she thought this about her body, most if not all women think it too.

TIP: the most critical thing with this style is fit. If it’s too small it will not be flattering, too big and it looks silly. You have to nail fit. Nic and smooth with no lines and wrinkles. The fabric hold be taught on the skin, in all areas.

That being said, who makes a flattering string bikini?

Victoria’s Secret. Why does it work? Their triangle tops are molded, which is going to aiding shape of the breast, provide modesty and help to lift. Can’t beat that when you’re dealing with a small amount of fabric. You can mix and match the bottoms too and a wide variety of colors are available. Pick a flattering color for your skin tone and you’re all set.

Victoria's Secret Tirangle Puch up Top and Bikini Bottom www.victoriassecret.com

Victoria’s Secret Tirangle Puch up Top and Bikini Bottom www.victoriassecret.com

Why it works? The triangle tops are lined with removable inserts. This allows you to control the shape and amount of padding in the triangle top. The bottoms are perfectly scooped to help to accentuate the butt. The bottoms are also cut just a touch higher, to lengthen the leg and give the appearance of a longer line.

White Classic Bikini Nager By Nic Hyl www.nagerbynichyl.com

White Classic Bikini Nager By Nic Hyl www.nagerbynichyl.com

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