Starbucks’ Reusable Cups and Holiday Drinks

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Starbucks is celebrating the return of their signature holiday beverages today and with it, they are offering a new environmentally friendly promotion: a free limited edition reusable mug in a bright festive red and white colorway. News of its plans to discontinue the use of plastic straws back in June in their stores put the company on the map as one of the first major companies to make their stores more eco-friendly. The introduction of a classically designed reusable cup and the financial incentive to utilize it in stores is phenomenal and will definitely put a dent in the pollution crisis we are all faced with today.


Trash is a huge problem with global warming and pollution. There is so much trash in the world that it literally poisons the Earth and the oceans as it breaks up and then it leaks into our food and water, therefore poisoning us. Reusables cups are a great way reduce pollution because it eliminates the need to throw out a disposable cup. If you never throw out the cup you use for your everyday coffee fix, then you never throw out 365 paper/plastic cups. If there’s no trash then there’s no trash problem.


I’ll admit, its a little annoying to remember to wash out your cup and bring it with you on your way out the house, but Starbucks is offering a special promotion. If you bring your reusable cup after 2 pm you get 50 cents off grande handcrafted holiday beverages. Over time 50 cents saves you a lot of money and its a huge jump from its usual 10 cents discount Starbucks usually takes off for using reusable cups/mugs.


This cup is so classically cute and festive it will brighten your mood everytime you use it. And its the most convenient thing ever. Its recyclable, BPA free, microwaveable, and dishwasher safe (if placed on the top rack). This cup is so easy to fit into your morning routine you won’t even think twice about packing it. They’re giving this cup away for free November 2nd so get yours while you can and try out any of the amazing holiday flavors they have this season. My favorite is peppermint mocha 🙂

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