Spring Trends 2021

It's officially Spring!!! With that wonderful realization, I immediately start thinking about what the spring trends for 2021 are, which ones I NEED and which I may be able to pass on. As we begin to awake from the deep sleep of 2020, WFH, and a more comfortable daily life, we'll see comfort front and center, but in a more elevated way. So think loose pants/jeans, easy dresses, and an uncomplicated look that seems effortless but put together.

As a fashion designer, trends are always a tricky thing for me, so much of what I do comes from my own intuition and inspiration from the women in my life and old movies. But today, I'm sharing what I've been seeing and what I think will be a great move on from what we were doing in Fall/Winter.

Vintage Denim

This is something I stumbled upon by accident and I'm so happy that I did. Vintage denim is so amazing! The value of the item is based on the manufacture, the age, country of origin and the wear. Often categorized by grades (1, 2, 3 with 1 being the best), these pre-loved beauties are so highly coveted because of their sustainability and how beautifully they are already worn in. They also distress really well if distressing, or creating tears in your denim is something that you desire.

100% cotton denim can take a life time to break in, so vintage denim is so widely loved because they did that part for you already. Starting with our May 5th collection, Nic Hyl will offer vintage Levi's denim jeans and vintage Levi's denim shorts. With a few pairs dating back to 1999 and some even made in The USA. This is definitely a trend to watch and to embrace.

Just like with any pair of jeans or jeans shorts, pair your vintage jeans with what ever you would normally wear them with. The best part, is they're so comfy and soft that they're the perfect move on from all of the leggings and sweatpants you may have worn all of the time from the colder months.

Loose Fit Jeans

I don't know if you heard or not, but Gen Z basically said if you wear skinny jeans you're out of fashion. Now, while I'm not getting rid of skinny jeans anytime soon, I can definitely add a new cut to my wardrobe without disrupting my skinny jean game.

My favorite way to wear this trend currently is 1970's vibe. High waist, fitted through the hip and thigh, and more relaxed through the length of the leg. Similar to a boot cut, but I envision my best Charlie Angels self when wearing this cut jean. it's also a great silhouette for someone that may want to add length in the leg and appear taller, or someone with a fuller bust looking to balance out her proportions; by adding more volume at the bottom of the leg, it balances the fuller bust beautifully.

With the loose fit jeans, they can be distressed or more polished. The vibe is all about comfort; a perfect trend coming right out of wearing so many comfy clothes for so long.

High waist, natural waist, and rib cage are the most popular terms you'll hear and just refers to where the waist band will hit most wearers. You'll see that in both the images, the waist band is at the natural waist (where your belly button is) or higher.

I predict we're going to see a lot of denim too as folks get reacquainted with the world and begin to explore it beyond their cities and towns.


Going back to that easy, cool, comfy vibe, we'll be seeing jumpsuits a lot more. Mostly because they look put together, are comfy, and low fuss-the top and bottom are all attached. For spring, fabrics like silk or jersey are great for a jumpsuit. Also blends that have cotton/spandex are also really cozy and easy to wear.

Utilitarian, black, strapless and leather jumpsuits are all trending right now. For This Look, I personally opted for the utilitarian jumpsuit-but I already own black and strapless ones. My favorite thing about jumpsuits is once you change the shoes, you're ready for a new moment instantly. They're such a great option for almost any event regardless of how formal, or relaxed. Accessories matter when opting for the more formal. I once wore a tuxedo inspired jumpsuit to a wedding, and it was such a beautiful look, and yes...my accessories took it to the next level.

Image Courtesy of Marie Claire February 2021


It's spring, we're not getting away from dresses. The key take away for this seasons dresses are comfort. Nothing that feels too stuffy or too uncomfortable. Go for beauty AND comfort. Think natural, breathable fabrics, dresses that are more flowy, perhaps 1 size too big (depending on the style) and just easy and effortless but full of style.

Other notable trends

We saw tons of sheer, screen prints, puff shoulders, wide leg trousers, and ribs on the runways for this season. So you can definitely expect to see these details in stores for this new season.

Don't be afraid to mix these trends with pieces you may already own. Also, if you're short on cash, don't forget to visit your local vintage or second hand boutique. You can get such great pieces from there, that are often right on trend because trends come and come. Good style lasts forever.

What are you wearing this new season? Comment below and tag us on social! We want to see.

Lastly, don't forget, the new Nic Hyl Collection drops May 5th 2021 right here on www.nichyl.com.

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