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Recently I have been looking for sustainability everywhere. Which just means I’m looking for brands who respect this Earth and do something to lighten or reverse the effects of pollution, climate change, or that reinvent the industry they work in to change it for the better. I’ve found that there are brands out there like that, they’re just a quick google search away. So I’d like to start introducing to you the brands that I’ve found. This is my spotlight on Everlane.

There are three steps to Everlanes sustainability and it all falls under their commitment to Radical Transparency

  1. Ethics. Everlane works with the best factories in the world to create the best products they can. They create strong personal relationships with their factories to make sure their workers are treated fairly. Everlane states that “each factory is given a compliance audit to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and environment.”

  2. Lasting Design. Each product is made to last through time and trends. Their products are made out of the best material available in order to make sure your Grade A Cashmere sweaters and Italian shoes can last decades.

  3. Prices. If you’d like to see the graphs you can click here.  On the about page Everlane lays out exactly how much materials cost, how much they pocket, and how much you pay for the product. There is even a comparison to how other retailers hike up the price in order to make a better profit.

These three steps seem like a given, but much of the modern fashion industry is designed in order to make as much money off the consumer they can and pocket it while neglecting other areas of their company. This creates unfair wages, pollution, and widespread greed. I hope knowing that there are companies that will work ethically helps spread a little hope in the fashion industry.

Below are products I have hand-picked from their website that I think you guys will love this season. While Everlane is not big on trends, these timeless designs will look great this fall. If you see something you like you can click the name of the product to be redirected to the Everlane website.

  1. The Cashmere Square V-Neck Cardigan in Charcoal  

  2. The ReNew Long Puffer Jacket 3.The Wool Mini Skirt

4. The Work Pant Navy

5. The Wool Academy Blazer 

Thank you so much for reading you guys. Like this post if you’d like to hear more from me and comment your favorite sustainable clothing brand. We’ll have more articles like this so feel free to follow us on Insta @tiesidesandscoops and follow me at @sahra.bae. See you soon!

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