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As this week of fashion wraps up here in NYC and prepares to get underway in London, England tomorrow, many things run through my mind. Mostly how these fabulous women and men dress for the cold elements we’ve been experiencing the last few days during this week of fabulousness. Snow, sleet, rain, and frigid temperatures don’t matter to this elite group who put fashion before everything else. I witnessed some of it first hand during my time at Lincoln Center. It’s miraculous, but no one seems cold. A phenomenon I pondered as my hands were shaking uncontrollably as I asked, “Who are you wearing?” to fashions’s it crowd.

Today, I’ll share some of those images and hopefully share some tips on how to be gorgeous AND warm. I personally think the best way to be warm is on a beach, but if you’re not going there, these tips, tricks, and trends, should help. I’ll also be following my own advise when it’s snow cold outside.

MBFW Warming Trends on the Streets

MBFW Warming Street Trends

*Leather. Because leather is a skin, air can’t pass through the skin. It does’t have fibers like a fabric does, and if worn with more leather, you should be pretty warm.

MBFW Warming Street Trends

MBFW Warming Street Trends

*Layering is your friend. In this example a anorak is layered over a fur collar blazer, which is over a shirt. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is something layered under the shirt too.

MBFW Warming Street Style Trends

MBFW Warming Street Trends

*Block Heels make it easier to walk in the slippery snow and wet weather that is bound to come around with these frigid temps. Layer it with cashmere socks and tights for extra warmth.

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