Should You Wear White After Labor Day?

Happy Labor Day!!! Now why exactly do we celebrate Labor Day and should we wear white after this holiday? There’s a ton of controversy surrounding the latter topic, so we your friends at Tie Sides and Scoops are helping you answer this question.

It all started in 1894 when the US government wanted to give it’s workers a break, and the holiday Labor Day was born (never mind the fact that I like so many of you are working today, but that’s besides the point). Since it took place at the end of Summer, the wealthy wore white to stay cool in the summer months. Once the holiday was over, these wealthy people packed up their white and wore their dark colors again, and just like that a fashion faux pas was born. But is it still relevant?

Personally, I love white! I often wear white tops, with white jeans and nude pumps or gold sandals. Something about it looks so chic, and modern while remaining on trend. The monochromatic color choice is bold, sexy, and fun-without being too over the top. That said, I grew up in Florida where it’s warm pretty much all year long and my beach lifestyle dominated my wardrobe choice. But not everyone lives in this type of environment. Knowing that, I always said that where you live should dictate wearing white after Labor day.

Others, however believe, very strictly I might add, that once Labor day is over we should pack up the white-like they did in 1894. But then you see a beautiful white Prada Wool coat, or a gorgeous White Maximillian fur and then what are you supposed to do? White is very much a part of the Fall and Winter color palette. So what’s a girl to do? Wear your white and pop it with black or Navy. It’s a great way to transition your look from summer to fall and then to winter.

So yes! Wear your white. Proudly!

Get the look:

YSL Satchel

White coat- find similar styles at J. Crew and Saks

Jeans- Mother Denim

Sneakers- Adidas

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