Short Alert

After all the work we’ve been doing to tone, shape and sculpt our legs, what body part do you want to show off? Naturally your legs! Shorts are big right now. I know that I often talk about cutoff shorts and  denim shorts, but shorts are also big right now for different lengths that I don’t show you.

They are also a great option for evening while traveling on vacation or just enjoying a beautiful summer dinner outside. The trend for the chick, sophisticated short is to be about knee length and loose fitting, more like a bermuda or walking short. *Note that the term Bermuda or walking short refers to length. Bermuda is around mid thigh or longer, walking is knee length.

Pair either length with a blazer, heels, loose fitting silk tanks, and a beautiful necklace. Wear your hair up or down and your set. Carry a clutch with this look. It looks very cool and effortless.

Skorts are also a great option that are making a come back, with a major force. DOn’t count them out. Treat them like a skirt, but more comfy. You can still wear your silk tank or tee shirt with high heel sandals.

Nanette Leport, Striped Skort: available from www.saks.com Saks 5th Avenue – Homepage link

Nanette Lepore Striped Flirty Skort. www.saks.com

Nanette Lepore Striped Flirty Skort. www.saks.com

Pleated Printed Bermuda www.zara.com I am in fashion love with these! I love how they are tailored and give such structured, clean lines, then they surprise you with the bold, abstract feminine print. These are so me and they are a steal at only $49.00!

Pleated Printed Bermuda www.zara.com

Pleated Printed Bermuda www.zara.com

Keep your legs toned, there are tons of cute shorts to wear this season!

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