Shop Around, Fly Away

I want to get out of dodge. I’m so tired and just need a break. Thankfully, lthe holidays are coming up and I’ll get a break then. I’ll also get a break when My mom and I have our mommy and me trip in February, so needless to say, I’ve been checking flight prices regularly to get the best deal to save the most money. This sounds easy, but when you put it into practice, it isn’t necessarily. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. I keep a few things in mind, and I save the most that I can, the majority of the time that I fly.

1. Pick a day. First, the day of the week you look for your flights is key. Looking on Fridays or Saturdays almost garuntees an expensive flight. The logic is that most people look on these days because they’re home or have less to do, so of course the prices creep up due to the demand. Try looking on Monday or Tuesday after midnight. Most sales are posted during this time and expire in 12 hours, so by the time the world wakes up, the sale is over.

2. Check regularly. To recognize a deal, you first need to know what the regular/standard  price is.  Once you know that, you’ll better know what a deal looks like. This may require you to check every few days.

3. Shop around. I search everywhere. I search with the airline, with trip search sites, on peak off peak, multi city, one way. You name it. Sometimes, playing around with those details can save you hundreds.

4. Call and ask. Sometimes picking up the phone and talking to a reservations specialist can give you insight you didn’t have when just searching on line. Maybe they can even apply a discount if you have a special situation. Don’t be afraid to ask, when booking and when at the counter checking in. upgrades and credits can be given when checking in, believe you me.

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