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This week’ edition of, The Weekly Scoop talked about some great beaches to travel to during resort season. Obviously, traveling to these great destination beaches, requires smooth, flawless gams.  But, how do you get great, smooth, beautiful legs? I’ll share some tips & trucks I’ve learned as well as some I recently found out:

Secret # 1: Everyone I ever tell this to thinks I’m crazy, but literally, I’ve been shaving my legs everyday since I was 16yrs. old.  Simply put, I hate the feel of the stumble of one leg against the other, so my skin is always smooth. So with that as my starting point, I only need to focus on keeping them toned, and moisturized. Because I do it everyday, they’re also super quick to shave and, stay exfoliated.

Secrets to Smooth Legs

Secrets to Smooth Legs

Secret# 2:  I use a men’s razor. Somehow the shave is just closer. Yes, I know some women who wax their legs, but I personally can’t tolerate the way my legs look while waiting for the hair to grow long enough to wax, (remember, I literally shave everyday, so waxing, and the wait involved, isn’t a fun idea to me).  I really like Schick.

Men's razors for A Closer Shave

Men’s razors for A Closer Shave

Secret #3: Ok, so we’ve talked about this before. Drink your water and move your legs. The best way to get toned legs is to move them. Walk, run, squat, lunge. Get them moving and the toned appearance you get will be worth the hard work.

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