Pride Playlist

Pride in NYC is approaching. In just a couple of days, we’ll be celebrating the lives of those who are told we are not to celebrate and having a damn good time doing it. I thought it’d be cute if I could find a good playlist for y’all to listen to that’ll get you in that mood. It’s a great thing that Pose on FX has come in clutch by creating a playlist for us that includes all the songs we’ve heard on the current three episodes. I don’t know about you, but Pose has become my favorite show … of ever. Not only is the execution and storytelling done beautifully, but so id the music. So today – girls, gays, and everyone in between, I’ve found the official Pose soundtrack for y’all to listen to this prideful weekend!

The ‘POSE’ Playlist …

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XO, Alandria

Thank you FX for the cover photo!

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