Positive Vibrations

I’m a sunny person who is usually in a good mood. Living in a city like New York makes it difficult to remain in that peaceful state of mind. I’ve met people that ask, “What are you happy for”, or “What are you smiling about?”, or my personal favorite, “I felt like kicking you because you were in a good mood!”. The fact of the matter is: it’s extremely difficult to remain positive around so many negative people and influences. So how do I do it? How can you do it too?

I choose to put things into perspective and remember a few key points:

  1. The Negative Nancy (no offense if your name is Nancy, it just sounded cuter to say it this way :)), has no significance in my life. Really and truly. So because she isn’t important to me, I try to take her words and actions with a grain of salt. If she isn’t important in your life, then her words shouldn’t be either.

  2. I understand that misery loves company. You know the old adage; if someone is down they will want to bring you down too. I say don’t let ’em.

  3. I try my hardest to wear a smile. Somehow, it’s contagious and sheds a positive perspective on the situation.

  4. Hang out with positive people. If your surroundings are positive, you’ll notice it’s easier to stay that way.

  5. Have a hobby you enjoy. When we get fulfillment out of our lives, it makes our moments more pleasurable.

  6. Meditate/pray. It clears the mind and helps to ground you spiritually.

  7. Deep berthing will help relax you and allow you to reply with positivity.

  8. Kill them with kindness. Is is the Southern girls mantra. This will get on the nerves of a Negative Nancy quicker than any thing else you can do. Hopefully the kindness you continue to spread, will wear her down one day and make a welcome addition to the Positive Patsy’s of the world.


Negative Nancy Got you Down?

Negative Nancy Got you Down?

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