Planning for Memorial Weekend Plans

What are you doing this weekend? Inevitably, it is the question of the moment, especially amongst young New York professionals. It’s the unofficial start of summer, the sign of sunnier days to come and a garuntee that at least for the next few months, we can say good bye to our parkas, goulashes, and cold weather gear. So,understandably we celebrate the coming season with parties, trips, bikinis, drinks, boys and fun. But what if you haven’t made plans yet? No need to worry, I found a great website, that features many cities, there is no signup fee and it lists many things to do.

www.idontdoclubs.com. On this nifty little site, I found tons to do in cities like New York, Atlanta, Philly, Houston, Maryland, Washington and New Jersey. Her are some great things to do this weekend for different cities. Courtsey of www.idontdoclubs.com

  1. Houston: Houston Free Press Summer Fest this 2 day fest features over 50 bands and great musicians like: Lauren Hill, Laidback Luke, Lord Huron, DMX, and many more. Runs from May 31-June 1st. Okay so not exactly Memorial weekend but still worth marking your calendars for.

Houston Free Press Music Fest Tickets $158.50-$499.00

Houston Free Press Summer Fest Tickets $158.50-$499.00

2. New York City: Light Up The Sky Day Party. RSVP required. That said, get your friends, put on a super cute outfit and heels and make your way down to Delancy st. from 3pm-11pm this Sunday the 25th of May. You’ll have tons of fun.

Light Up The Sky Day Party. NYC.

Light Up The Sky Day Party. NYC.

3. Don’t forget to throw your own little bash if you don’t have plans. Invite some friends and co-workers over, play great music, great drinks and perfect food. You’re bound to have a good time with some thought in your own home. Dress the part and add a them to your ever, people love a theme!

Whatever your weekend plans are, have fun, be safe and enjoy the beginning of your summer.

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