Pedi, Pedi please

So as I was in my Muay Thai class tonight, (Thai kickboxing. Side note: this is seriously an AMAZING workout if you are looking for a change. Think H.I.I.T, with boxing gloves), and looked down at my feet that were just past my shin guards, I got to thinking, “I sure am happy my toes are done”. It’s been 3 weeks since I last went to class due to the holidays and I’m just getting back into my regular workout routine. I looked around and noticed that all of the other women also had there nails done. I thought, “Wow! how interesting that the women that are here in this very aggressive martial arts class, all have pedicures”.  I have a problem and regularly paint my nails and toes or go and get them done. I also don’t allow myself to walk around with chipped nail polish, but I did preface this by telling you I had a problem…..

Now when it comes to being in any swimsuit situation, ones pedicure should also be present, in my opinion. It is part of your outfit, kind of like earrings, or perfume. It’s a detail that should not be overlooked. There are so many nail trends right now, that it makes it so much fun to paint your nails.

My favorite trends in nail art right now are: Metallic nails (I’m currently wearing Gold on my nails, it’s by Essie, but I forget the color name-apologies), Suspended half moon, Ombre French, and the classic Nude. All are beautiful in there own way and create a little bit of drama at the end of your fingers or toes. So take off your gloves and socks and show the world your nail trend-pedi, pedi please.


Suspended Half Moon Mani

Ombre French

Natural nude nails

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