Norma Jeane Mortenson

Norma Jeane Mortenson or Marilyn Monroe as she is more notably known, is still to this day, one of the most iconic women of all time. She was beautiful, vivacious, sexy, sophisticated, feminine, original and definitely a force to be  reckoned with. Her life was no doubt very controversial, but her style- well IMO it’s still very much relevant today. So relevant that designers and style icons are still inspired by it. Side note: When I’m stuck to find something to wear, I draw inspiration from old Hollywood stars: Marilyn, Jackie (Kennedy-Onasis; I know she wasn’t a Hollywood star, but her fashion was), Dorothy (Dandridge), Marlene (Dietrich), well you get the picture. It’s a great way to update, no pun intended, your personal style-in a retro way.

Marilyn had great swim style, and if you’re in a retro vibe, she’s a great one to be inspired by. One of my favorite things about swimsuits from her time, is that sometimes she wore hot pants and halter tops. On todays beaches I actually think that stands out more when you consider that everyone else is dressed so similarly. It also doubles as a great play suit if you are lounging around.

White one piece hot pants suit:

Here the white one piece hot pant look. Notice how low the leg line is, this is perfect if you want to maintain some modesty, or choose to walk around the local area for a bit. A look like this will double as a shorts jumper easily.

Marilyn Monroe in a White One Piece

Marilyn Monroe in a White One Piece

Strapless black one piece with Lucite heels:

This is look has never gone out of style! You could wear this exact thing now and still look amazing walking down just about any beach in the world. In one word: glamour. P.S. don’t forget the cat eye sunglasses.

Marilyn Monroe in Black Strapless One Piece with Lucite Heels

Marilyn Monroe in Black Strapless One Piece with Lucite Heels

Bandeau top and High Waist Bottom:

We’ve actually talked about this retro style before and it’s just as cute as ever. This look can be built from different pieces from different brands, or you can probably find the set relatively easily. Granted, it won’t be exactly like Marilyn’s, but you can get the look.

Marilyn Monroe in a Bandeau top and High Waist Bottom

Marilyn Monroe in a Bandeau top and High Waist Bottom with Lucite Heels

Whom ever your personal style icon is, take a cue from her beach look too; it’s probably amazing!

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