New York Fashionable Week

Fashion week has been going on here in NYC and it’s always a great time to see what trends are arising, still continuing and leaving us. Here in NYC, one of the great things about fashion week is seeing the street style that emerges from the fashionable as they get decked to the 9’s for this bi-annual pilgrimage of fashion’s who’s who. even  more than my love for the street style is seeing the street style in February! It’s impressive to see how so many women and men, stay warm and fashionable flawless. Here are some of my favs:

Gaga’s Orange hair:

Now, if you were my friend and said you wanted to do this to your beautiful hair, I’d say stop. Well actually I know 2 people that could pull this off. But if you weren’t either one of them, I’d say stop. On Gaga, this looks amazing! Maybe it’s the cut, maybe it’s the color, but I’m loving what it does for her cheek bones, and just her face in general.

Photo by Phil Oh. 

Pastel colors: 

For fall the streets had pastel colors in everything from hair, to shoes to apparel. Here, we see some of these playful hues on an outerwear piece. Perfect for a touch of whimsy on a more urban feel.

Photo by Phil Oh. 

Fur/Animal hair:

Now I know many people are against fur for many reasons. I love it. I’m sorry for this. I do however only buy vintage furs, that have been well cared for. My logic is that I am not contributing to any new animals being sacrificed for fashion, but rather circulating a piece that is already in existence.

If fur is for you, there was a ton of it in NYC this fashion week. I love the way this brown fur, is paired with simple black tights and black flats, with that beret. Very chic.

If fur isn’t your thing, there are so many faux fur options that can give you the look, without hurting an animal. Just because it’s faux, doesn’t mean it will save your pocket-book any funds. Do some shopping around for the best deals.

Photo by Phil Oh


I noticed that make up was very neutral with a dark red lip. I see this trend in the office, walking down the street, even at the gym! Think burgundy more than red. Nic Tip: ensure your lips are well moisturized and exfoliated. Use a matte moisturizer. My fav is my Esos lip balm applied to exfoliated lips. This ensures that my lipstick won’t cake. Then just apply your favorite hue for in the moment now lips.

P.s. notice their cornrow braids. All the rage right now…

Photo by Phil Oh

What’s your favorite street style? Tweet me on twitter @nichyl, to show me!

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