My Favorite Thrift Stores in New York

Since moving to the city for college, I’ve been introduced to an array of new things that I might’ve never had the opportunity to do back home, not well at least. Thrifting is one of them. I remember my first time going to L Train with my roommates last year. It was between 13th and 14th street on 1st ave, which was a brief walk away from our dorm. We all had done some thrifting in our hometowns, but nothing compared to going in New York. Since returning, I’ve grown to appreciate thrifting, especially here so today I’ll be telling you about a few of my favorite thrift shops.

  1. L Train/”No Relation Vintage”

No Relation Vintage, known as L Train, was the first thrift shop I ever went to when I moved to New York. As soon as you walk in, you might be a smidge overwhelmed by the racks of clothes located all around the store or maybe that’s just the smell. L Train lets you feel your vintage fantasy with jean jackets, hundreds of mom jeans, faux fur coats, and an assortment of button downs all at super cheap prices. I’ve gotten so lucky as to have found faux fur coats for $20 and name brand vintage denim for less than that. L Train is a great place to go and look for staple (and/or statement) pieces at affordable prices.

2. Beacon’s Closet 

Next is Beacon’s Closet. I know, I know. How vexing of me to put this particular thrift store on my list, but just hear me out. Beacon’s is a gem, an overpriced gem, but a gem. I’ve found designer slips for less than $15 and two of my favorite pairs of shades, may they rest in peace, for $12 (each), you just have to dig a little. Although they may have a large selection of clothing, you might not always find something good, because it’s too expensive or nothing’s catching your eye; and I feel like that sums up Beacons as a whole. Like, yes, they have their issues but the glamorous feeling the store evokes is well worth it and what’s the fun in thrifting if you don’t work for it?

3. Reminisce 

This next thrift store is by far my favorite, aesthetically. However, I will admit that the display window creeped me out the first time I saw it. Mannequins with an animal costume head on and wildly printed clothing really caught me off guard, but in a cool way. It wasn’t until I actually ventured into the store that I realized how amazing it is. They have all the vintage you could imagine, and not like 90’s vintage, more like 70’s and backward. Expensive looking garters that are $8 and costumey ensembles that won’t make you bat an eyelash at the register. The fashion is amazing and everything else is just as good.

4. The Cure 

I stumbled upon this next shop while out with my roommates. I was a little turned off upon arrival because of the mannequin in the entrance that caught me off guard and gave me a fright. With that being said, the salesperson who greeted us as we came in was so sweet I forgot about the fact that I was creeped out. Their store has an amazing selection of mixed priced items, you’ll be able to guess what’s worth what as soon as you pick up the garment, which makes for a fun game. They have an array of housewares, clothes, accessories, and shoes that make you want to consider owning a modernly antiqued home and wardrobe.

5. Artists & Fleas

Last, but obviously not least, Artists & Fleas. It’s not necessarily a thrift store, more of a store with individually owned sections that create a collective store. Artists & Fleas is located in Chelsea Market and is one of the cutest places you could visit. They took an array of self-owned businesses and gave them each a little booth so that they could sell their items. Every booth you go to is different, even if they’re selling similar items. It allows artists and designers to market their products and get their business off the ground as a community, which is amazing. If you’re ever in the area, don’t hesitate to stop by (and also pay a visit to Nicole Hyl, Founder and Designer of Nager by Nic Hyl Swimwear)!

I still have a lot of thrift stores to visit but these have easily become a few of my favorites. Hopefully, you found this article helpful and it peaked your interest enough to go and give them a chance. Happy thrifting!

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