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Beauty. Let’s face it, we all in some way, shape, or form, are on the never ending quest to find it or keep it. This doesn’t change because you’re putting on a swimsuit and headed for some waves. So what do you do with your makeup for a day at the beach or pool? First you have to figure out if you’re getting in the water or not. Hey, the fact is you may just be going for a “dip” and not a “plunge”. If going for the former and not the latter, then a simple natural look with a colored lip like a pink or maybe even a red will do fine. I still wear mascara and forgo shadows.

If taking the “plunge”, then choose a waterproof mascara and possibly just a tinted lip balm. Both options should, IMO, stay away from heavy foundations, concealers, and skin makeup-they’re not good for your pores in that element. You could clog the pores from the sweat, makeup and salt water. I prefer to let my skin breathe, and clean it properly when I return home. Do however use a tinted moisturizer if you feel the need for some sort of makeup presence. And definitely don’t forget your SPF all over, the face and body.

Here are some great beach day options, all from Cargo Cosmetics!:

Cargo Cosmetics Essential Lip Gloss – in Stockholm. Cargo’s lip gloss now housed in a larger package. Its super high shine gloss delivers intense color payoff and locks in moisture to keep lips feeling hydrated . This long wearing lip gloss has a slick texture that feels creamy, gliding over lips without being sticky. Ingredients such a Vitamin E and Jojoba Seed oil help increase lip moisture and decrease the appearance of furrows around the mouth while increasing lip volume to its maximum fullness. Shop CARGO Cosmetics Essential Lip Gloss

The name says it all! Swimables, An ultra creamy, extreme wear, waterproof eyeliner with the feel of a liquid and versatility of a pencil. Locks comfortably into place for up to 14 hours. Cargo Cosmetics Shop CARGO Cosmetics Eye Liner

What’s Better-than-Waterproof? A mascara that is better than waterproof. Gentle enough for everyday use doesn’t melt, smudge or run. It comes off easily with warm water for easy, gentle removal at the end of your day! Swim on!Shop CARGO Cosmetics Mascara

Cargo Cosmetics

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