May Favorites

Hello, beauties.

Today, I want to share with you a few things I’ve been in love with this month. Some of them I’ve already mentioned in previous posts while others are new. I won’t keep this too long, just know that all of the items I’m about to list are bomb as hell so take notes 😉

The Poison Apples by Lily Archer

Okay, let me start by saying this, I’m aware this is a novel for young teens however it’s literally so good. My roommate introduced me to it earlier this month simply because of the character Reena (who is actually me). This book is very cheesy in that it follows three 15-year-old girls who meet at a boarding school they were sent to because of their (evil) step-mothers; hence the title Poison Apples. The characters are great and the plot is entertaining. So, if you want a quick fun read, this is perfect.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

Yeah, I’ve raved about it before and I’m about to do it again. This is the perfect moisturizer for the summer simply because it’s lightweight and super hydrating. It has buildable coverage and won’t make your face feel like it’s melting off after being in the sun for two minutes. Seriously, if you’ve been thinking about getting this moisturizer, here’s your sign, buy it.

Dr. Brenner Vitamin C Serum

Again, I know I’ve raved about this before but can you blame me! Vitamin C is already amazing for your body, why not try some for your skin. This serum doesn’t dry you out or make your face feel all weird and sticky. It’s got a nice consistency and perfect amount of tackiness. Buy. It. Immediately!

Glossier ‘You’ Perfume

I’m gonna be honest, I hated the scent of this perfume when I got a sample of it in my Glossier order. However, after wearing for approximately three hours, I was obsessed. I tried to salvage that small little sample bottle as much as I could because I wasn’t going to spend $60 on perfume. But, I cracked, because when I say I became obsessed … I became obsessed. It’s my perfect summer scent and a little goes a long way so naturally I was sold. It’s not extremely kind to the senses at first but eventually, you grow to like it then love it then want to become that scent. Not bad Glossier, not bad.

Stranger Things

I feel like you either love this show or think it’s overrated. I clearly love it. I don’t know what it is about this show that has me so hooked but I can’t get enough. When I found out they were filming season 3, that got me in the mood to do a little recap. I can confidently say that after watching the series all over again, that I can not wait for the third season any longer. I’ve got high hopes that it’ll top the last season (cuz that’s been a pattern) but am also terrified I’ll be let down. Either way, I’ve got two other seasons to fall back on but also, please don’t disappoint me.

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XO, Alandria

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