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To me, packing for a trip is exciting because of all the adventures that you know await you. Packing your makeup for that same trip may be another story. If you don’t pack it correctly, your eyeshadow can crumble, foundation leaks, and brush bristles can bend, just to name some of the hurdles that one can experience. What’s a girl to do? I’m most picky about my toiletries when I pack because they’re probably expensive, I use them everyday to achieve a certain look, and replacing them is a pain. All this got me thinking about how to pack my makeup for a trip. Here’s what I found:

Brushes: I have travel brushes, but I don’t like them. They don’t blend well, they’re synthetic bristles, so they hurt my skin, and the handles are not very easy to hold. So I’ve decided to start bringing my regular brushes that I use everyday and put them in a brush roll, something that you would see a makeup artist carry. The brush rolls protect your brushes, are easy to carry, and are good to keep your brushes organized even if you’re not traveling. You can find them at most major make up brands, or places like Sephora or Ulta.

Mac Brush Roll

Mac Brush Roll

Packing Powders: packing eyeshadow and any other powder is no easy feat b/c they run the risk of crumbling and messing up everything in your makeup bag. I have a couple of solutions to help; sometimes I tape the lid shut, this won’t stop it from crumbling bit it will prevent it from spilling everywhere in the event it does crumble. I also will pack just my cream based shadows, they’re harder to crumble.

Leaks: preventing foundation, gels, nail polish, you name it, from leaking is super tricky. This is where you buy the travel sized bottles. Put only what you need for your trip, since it’s only a portion of your full product sized bottle, you’re less likely to be so upset if you experience a spill next, put your travel sized containers in a zip lick bag so if it does spill, only the other containers in the bag get messy and not your entire purse or suitcase.

Hopefully, these tips help you as much as they have me!

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