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So I’m on vacay in Santa Monica this week and I’ve been having tons of fun. I went out tonight and a great time was had by all-it’s around 3am and I’m writing this post. I noticed a few things this evening-I’m EXTREMELY observant so that in it of itself isn’t anything major for me, but what I noticed tonight is what made all of the difference. I noticed that so many of the women that were out were wearing makeup that lasts! No smudges or fading lip liner for this set. Their makeup was here for the long haul.

It made me wonder what they use for their longevity of product. I know from personal experience, that there are some products that last longer than others. The products that I personally can get maximum wear out of are:

  1. Any NARS lipliner: This Product is amazing at longevity, it lasts and lasts beyond chatting, drinks and kisses. My fav is Cruella (like Cruella DeVille). It’s a beautiful red that actually flatters most complexions very nicely.

NARS cosmetics lip liner

NARS cosmetics lip liner

2. Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up: the most amazing highlighter, concealer, and eyeshadow primer around hands down. I use this magical little number as a primer on my lid before I apply my eyeshadow. The benefit, no pun intended, is that it allows my eyeshadow to last and last. No creases, no smudges or anything.

Watts Up Highligher/Concealer/Primer

Watts Up Highligher/Concealer/Eyeshadow Primer

3. Foundation is a bit more tricky. For this discussion I’ll give you tips, but each persons skin type is going to dictate the type of foundation that works for them. Tips: A). Get a good blotter to remove excess oils without smudging the foundation itself. B). Use a primer to help smooth the skins foundation. C). Always clean and prep skin prior to application of your foundation.

Enjoy your beautiful skin and appearance and be sure to tell me how wonderful you look!

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