Living Your Best Life

There are so many times that I hear someone say, “In ten years, I’m going to …”. I’ll allow you to fill in the blank. I always wonder why can’t that be now? What’s going to happen in ten years time, that can’t happen today to allow that indicviual to live their best life now? Why does greatness have to be something that we can’t have today? Right this moment? The fact of the matter is that we an have it today, in this moment, if we allow our selves to. Now you might be wondering, why would someone not allow themselves to have greatness? I’ve learned and observed however, that we are usually our own worst enemy and often stand in the way of our happiness. By talking about yourself in a negative way, or allowing others to do so, we slowly and silently take away from living our best life.

We tell ourselves that we can’t do something, or we’re not good enough. We don’t properly prepare for what we ask for and when given the opportunity, we fail because we weren’t prepared. We are bad at making decisions that help lift us to the next step, or worst yet, we don’t try. Living your best life today is a serious of choices and decisions that snowball into a wonderful existence. We each just have to be strong enough to be willing to think differently about ourselves and the way we approach the situations in our lives. Be great, you were created for nothing less!

Nike, Find your Greatness

Nike, Find your Greatness

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