Letter From The Editor

This May, we wanted to try something different for our blog. In addition to the re-vamp on the site, we wanted to create more content around particular subject matters in an effort to dive deeper into the story, ask more questions and really examine each article from different perspectives to give a more comprehensive approach to the way we share our opinons in this blog.

For May, with Mother’s day around the corner (in the U.S.), and so much of the world being moved by the power, courage and drive of women, we really wanted to focus on mothers and the women’s empowerment movement and how that effects us as a society. Mom’s and women play such an integral role in shaping who we are and whom we become, it’s a question that we wanted to explore more. What happens if women aren’t empowered and how does that effect the masses? How does this empowerment relate to how women view themselves, and thus younger generations of women too? Do we need to keep fighting for equality as women, or have our dreams of equality been fulfilled? If equality as women is met, how does that effect racism? Does empowerment mean we don’t need men anymore?

Let’s dive into this May issue of Tie Sides and Scoops and really learn how women’s empowerment effects us all!

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Nic Hyl

Blogger-in-Chief Nic Hyl

Blogger-in-Chief Nic Hyl

Blogger-in-Chief Nic Hyl

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