Let the Festivities Begin!

It’s that time of year where our social calendars are beginning to fill up with all types of different party invites that typically happen this time of year. Currently, at the TIe Sides and Scoops and Nager By Nic Hyl Queens, NY studio, we’re personally planning a holiday launch party and we couldn’t be having more fun with picking out invitations, venues, making gift bags and everything that goes into the planning process. One of my favorite things about parties, whether I’m going to one or planning it, is picking out what I’m going to wear. What woman doesn’t think of that? So as I hunt for party dresses, I thought you might be too. So let’s see some great options out there.

Before we take a look at party dresses though, it may help to know what a party dress is. It is not a gown, nor a dinner dress, nor a cocktail dress. There is an element of fun, flirty, and playfulness in a party dress that all of the other dresses I just mentioned, don’t have. Where those dresses are more serious, and obviously sexy, the party dress introduces your fun side and for that reason, shouldn’t be too serious. Keep in mind though, they are also not a club dress.

What’s in a Party Dress: To me, this dress has all the elements of a great party dress. It looks like fun, it’s flirty, and playful. The belt adds a touch of glam for holiday, if that is what you need your party dress for and it’s different, but not so different that yo would feel uncomfortable in it.

Great Party Dressing

Great Party Dressing

Finding the perfect party dress: I actually needed 2 party dresses for the upcoming weeks. My first event is in a couple of days. I thought I had a dress, but I soon realized that they were dinner dresses and cocktail dresses. After some searching on line, I decided to go to a Vintage shop and look for a party dress. They were everywhere in there and I actually ended up getting 2 dresses, one for my upcoming event and one for my launch party. If you’re in the New York Area, check out the great staff and shop of Second Time Around in SOho off of Thompson St. They were absolutely amazing and had a wide selection of styles to try on and choose from.

IF you’re not in the NY area, you probably have a vintage shop that will carry many great pieces for you. Just give yourself time, b/c vintage shopping can be hit or miss.

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