Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is upon us, and if you’re a master procrastinator like 80% of the world, you still don’t have a costume. Don’t worry, though, I’ve got a few ideas for you to try out that are quick and effective!

  1. Tyra, but Make It Halloween …


Miss Tyra has become a household meme this year so it’s only right that she’s a costume option. You’ll impress people with the effortlessness of this costume and it’s completely recognizable! Besides, it’s a simple look to put together, blue top and head wrap with a belted waist and bangles galore. You’ll also get to spread the words of an icon, “Hoe, but make it fashion”.

  1. The Art Hoe/Art School Student

Another iconic concept this year is the rise of the “Art Hoe” aesthetic. People who love their Doc Martens, mom jeans, simple tees (with a message), glasses, and bangs. They run on black coffee and Marlboro’s and they aren’t afraid to call you out on your heteronormative bullshit. Embody this and boom, now you’re an art hoe.

  1. Sociopathic Femme Fatale

One of my personal favorites! I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a grand fascination with sociopathic women who are untouchable. They exude seduction and confidence. They’re aware of their power and use it as they please. They also aren’t afraid to put a knife through your heart if they need to. You can come up with a look for this, no problem. Just put on an opulently sexy outfit, do a simple and fierce makeup look, carry a cigarette or (fake) champagne glass, and a fake weapon (gun/knife). You’ll look/feel great and get to play a sociopath for the night.

  1. Wealthy Widow

Last year, I also decided to procrastinate until the last minute but ended up with an amazing costume. Like I said, I have a deep fascination for the sociopathic femme fatale, so obviously my costume was inspired by that. I just threw on a simple little black dress, my faux fur coat, and some heels. I completed the look with “glitter tears” and a handkerchief.

I hope you found this useful or it at least sparked up some inspiration for something better. Have fun, Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween.

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Stay Spooky 👻

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