July Favorites

Hey, hey, hey! My favorites for the month usually stay the same but it doesn’t hurt to share. I’ve only got a few for the month of July, but they’re still favorites none the less.

Tiger Water Bottle 

My favorite thing to have ever existed in the past few months. This water bottle is actually perfect. It keeps your water ice cold for up to 24 hours (like actually 24 hours!) which I love. It’s drinking spout is perfectly designed so that whenever you take a sip, it does this glugging thing that’s amazing and it’s like you’re drinking from the fountain of youth. This bottle is very convenient and easily portable. It’s just the perfect water bottle in my opinion, and it comes multiple colors! Priced at $33.34 on Amazon.


Best fruit to have ever existed. I was naive and thought that strawberries were endgame for me until I realized that I’d always been a fiend for peaches. This summer has allowed me to realize are dope peaches are and how fabulous they are as a summer fruit. They’re refreshingly sweet and easily edible. They can be eaten anywhere at any time and are cheap, cheap, cheap! If I could build a whole grove of peach trees, I would, but that’s for future Alandria. Go get you a peach or two, honey!

Pose FX

Courtesy of FX

The greatest show of all time. I’ll continue to praise this show until my dying breath, that’s good it is. I don’t even want to give anything away because why aren’t you watching it already?! Seriously, watch this show, it’s fucking amazing. Shows on Sundays at 9 p.m. on FX.


A playlist full of songs I’ve had on repeat since the month of July began. Some are old-time favorites, some are new favorites, all are all-time favorites. I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I enjoy making playlists.

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XO, Alandria

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