Judge a Book by it’s Cover

I’m a complete traditionalist when it comes to certain things. I define my personal style as: eclectic-retro-modernism. It’s got a little bit of this, a dash of that, a hint of 50’s and a touch of today. It works for me and I love it. On any given day my style will be a toss up. From my hair, to my shoes, to my bag- you name it. The common, daily thread is that I love quality, I love vintage, and I love being unique.

One of my throwback loves are books. Now, anyone who knows me can tell you, that I don’t read. Not that I can’t, I just don’t. Well, unless you count Vogue. But books loose me often because they are too slow to start, or just completely too fictitious. Typically, if I am reading a book it’s an auto-biography or biography or a reference book of some sort. But when I do find a book I think I’ll like, I buy the BOOK. Not this new aged, download book stuff. There is a charm to having the pages between your fingers and rights that come with having a home with a collection of books.

So today, I share with you some reads to add to your collection. *Don’t worry, if you’re an electronic reader, most of these books are available for download. All of these great titles can be had from Amazon.com

1. “I Won’t Beg for Your Love”, By R. H. Notly This saucy little number is a perfect, quick read for a day lounging pool side and eating grapes.

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3.  “The Time Keeper” By Mitch Alborn. This book is one that I wouldn’t naturally be drawn to, but because of the amount of people I see reading it not the train (New York speak for Subway), I had to pay attention to it; and I’m glad I did. This is a thoughtful, well written book, full of imagery. Enjoy it, and revel in the implied meaning.

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