It’s Fall, Finally.

There comes a time when boiling humid days turn into cool cozy nights. Vibrant green leaves transition into an array of oranges and reds and yellows. You’ll trade your ice cold lemonade for a hot rich cup of hot chocolate. Tank tops for sweaters, sandals for boots, and shorts for jeans. That’s right, it’s fall, finally.

If you live anywhere with consistent heat (and god-awful humidity), you know how stressful these last few weeks have been. The heat would’ve been bearable had it not been for the suffocating moisture surrounding the atmosphere, no amount of rare breezes could save you from melting into a puddle on the sidewalk. That’s why the sudden drop in temperature couldn’t have been more welcomed. It’s finally time to ditch the cold beverages and minimal clothing, and time to start getting cozy and fishing out all of those sweaters you hid way in the back of your wardrobe.

What we love about this season is the mood it evokes. The welcomed rays of sunlight on a clear day with a steady biting breeze. Reading a good book by the fire with a hot cup of whatever. Spice-scented candles flickering all around the house. Thick sweaters and socks. Layers and layers and more layers. Marathons of classic horror movies. Whatever gets your leaves rustling, it’s time to start celebrating! Nothing gets me in the mood like a collage of pictures that evoke that snug autumnal essence that is fall, so obviously, I’ve made a mood board to get you excited.

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