If the suit fits.

So you’re laying by the pool with friends, and you’ve got this one friend that always looks great in her swimsuits. How does she do it? Looking great (and feeling great in your swimsuit has more to do with fit than anything else, i.e. your body size or type. Side note: this logic applies to garments as well.) I’ve briefly touched on the subject of fit in previous posts, but today I’m going to explore the topic further.

You HAVE to know your body type. This requires honesty. Once you know the type of body you have, you’ll be able to buy suits/clothes that suit your actual body type and not the body type you desire. Don’t get caught up on a number here- you may wear a 6 in one brand and a 10 in another. Size is determined by the brand/designer. They can call a 6 whatever they want to and thus the corresponding measurements that go along with it. If the number is bothering you that much, cut the tag out so you never have to see it again. Buy what fits.

So know that we know we have to wear what fits, what does that look like in a swimsuit? Swimsuits should not be lose or baggy in any area. If they are, they’re too big. They also shouldn’t be constricting or cutting off circulation, or creating muffin tops- you know, that explosion of skin just above the waist band? If that happens, then they’re too tight-regardless of your size or what your stomach looks like. They should fit nice and smooth with no wrinkles. Taught. In the bust area, all of the breast should be in the swimsuit top, with no skin falling out the bottom, side or top. The suit should also feel comfortable. If you’re tugging and pulling and constantly adjusting, the fit is wrong.

The elastic in the suit should stretch when pulled and go back when relaxed. If you stretch the elastic and it doesn’t recover, or come back that means it’s dried out and time for a new suit. The consequence of wearing your suit with elastic like this is that they could fall off from the weight of the water in the fabric. You don’t want that. Also, if elastic is visible in the fibers of the fabric and looks thinned out, time to treat yourself to a new suit. Both of these issues will also effect the fit.

Below are some images of a properly fitting suit. Regardless of the size of the model, the suit fits. Which is always flattering.

*Tip-if you have a hard to fit body type and find a suit that fits great, buy a few. You don’t know how long it will be before you strike gold again.

Retro boy short Nager By Nic Hyl

Retro boy short Nager By Nic Hyl

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