If The Shoe Fits

Imelda Marcos is known for 3 things: beauty, her deceased husband (widow of the former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos), and her shoe collection of over 1,000 shoes. Now, over 1,000 pairs of shoes! That sounds like heaven! I don’t know why women love shoes. The world may never know that answer either. I do know however, I have never personally met a women who didn’t have a love for shoes. Because of our love of shoes, today I’ll share with you some of my favorite places to get them!

Saks: I love Saks Fifth Avenue! Love, love, love! It’s that simple. They are by far my favorite department store.  Ever.  They have every designer and brand you can think of all under one roof! It’s like a fashion superstore.  Going there brings me joy, and if you shop at the one on 5th Ave. like I do, they have an elevator that takes you straight to the 8th floor. That’s the shoe dept. you literally don’t have to stop at any other floor, and when the doors open, it’s a sea of designer shoes. *que the sound of my sigh now..… don’t even get me started on their sales. Saks Fifth Avenue – AU


Barney’s Warehouse: now Barney’s is just as lively as Saks, some would say more. They carry many of the same designers, but when they go on sale they send them to their warehouse. It’s called Barney’s Warehouse.  I’ve gotten a few great pairs of highly coveted shoes from this warehouse of theirs. I like them a lot. wwww.barneys.com

Jack Rabbit:  I’m a runner and this is my favorite running store in NYC. You can make an appointment or go in off the street, and  add your name to a list. Once they see you, you , we’ll, run. They put you on a treadmill and film your feet as you run. They check your gait and your pronation. Obce they determine they way you run, they recommend shoes that will work best for you. They then put you back on the treadmill to ensure their recommendation, feels good. If you run, you can value the quality of this service, best oart about it… It’s free! www.jackrabbit.com

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