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What swimsuit would be complete without sunglasses? They are a staple to any wardrobe, especially swimwear. Sure, millions of people wear them to look cool, but they actually perform a very important job in keeping your eyes protected from the sun, preventing you from squinting (which causes those little wrinkles around your eyes, and who wants that?), and they shield a good portion of your face from the sun as well, not just the eyes.

There are literally thousands of brands and millions of styles to choose from. It’s not necessary to break the bank to get a cute pair, now that I think about it, some of my cutest ones have been from the $5 dollar rack at some random shop. The only draw back to those is that the UV protection is usually lacking.

If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only take one pair of sunglasses with me, I would without hesitation take my Ray-Ban aviators. They’re classic, beautiful, go with literally everything, and flatter just about most face shapes. They also look great on women or men. There is a reason why every rock star has a pair. Scoop them up, from Singer 22. Check Out what your Favorite Celebrities are wearing — Shop “Celebrity Picks” at SINGER22.com!

Classic Ray Ban Aviators Norma Kamali Halter Bill Bra

Classic Ray Ban Aviators Norma Kamali Halter Bill Bra

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