How You Can Help The Immigrant Parents Separated from their Children Now

Like so many of the world I’ve been watching the recent events of children being separated from their parents. I’ve been watching. Doing nothing. Praying. Hoping that someone does something to help the immigrants that have been separated from their children to be reunited. To be honest, I’ve felt guilty about not doing anything.

When I speak to my mom about the issue, I urge her to do something because she is so passionate about the situation….but still I do nothing. Not because I don’t want to, but honestly I don’t even know where to begin to help with the issue. Sure, I can place a phone call and ask my representative to do something so no more families are separated. As of today, that has been accomplished by so many selfless people demanding change. But what about the kids that were already taken from their families, shipped across the country, don’t speak English, and are far too young to know what is happening. What about them? How do I help them?

Clearly, the work we need to do as a human race is far from over. In my hunt to find something, anything I can do to be part of the solution, and not a part of the problem, I decided to 1) write this post and share the info I found in the hopes that someone else will do something and perhaps a ripple will be created to help the children (and subsequently find the ones that are missing), and 2) take action.

How to help reunite child separated from their parents.

How to help reunite children separated from their parents.

How we can help:


Many charities are saying that money is the best way to help, but in-kind donations and donations of toiletries are being accepted. Baby-to-Baby and Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) have set up a baby registry at Target to send the basics that a baby would need. These donations are going directly to the kids that are separated from their parents.

Support the Lawyers Fighting for Them

The Refugee and Immigrant Center For Education and Legal Services (RAICES), a Texas based organization providing legal services to immigrants in the state of Texas, is dedicated providing legal services to every released unaccompanied child in the state of Texas. By donating to them, the funds will help to pay off immigration bonds to free asylum seekers from ICE custody and allow them to reunite with their children. You can donate directly through their website http://www.raicestexas.org


If you live in a border state, have legal or paralegal experience and speak Spanish, you can sign up to volunteer with the Texas Civil Rights Project or the Legal Aid Justice Center. You’ll be helping with things like translation and admin tasks.


I usually don’t speak about religion on this platform, but at a time like this, if you are religious/spiritual/believe in a higher power, these families could use your prayers.

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