How To Wear Some Of Summers Trendiest Styles

I don't know about you, but I keep seeing all sorts of really tricky to wear styles. From see through dresses and skirts to low cut tops and dresses. How do we wear some of summers trendiest styles?

Before we get into the answer to that question, I want you to think about all of the different things you could do with your swimwear besides just swimming in it or being on the beach. Gone are the days where our stuff can only do one job. As we work harder, we need our clothes, makeup, shoes, everything to pull double duty to fit our multifaceted days more.

The Sheer Trend

Sheer is everywhere and it's been a trend for some time. We see it pop up from time to time every few years. This is the perfect type of trend to combine with your swimwear. The trick is to wear your swimsuit pieces that don't look like swimwear.

So perhaps it's the black swimsuit, triangle bra, bikini bottom that's being paired with this gorgeous new sheet dress. I find that when wearing swimwear with sheer items as opposed to undergarments and lingerie, I feel more dressed and less vulnerable. Maybe it's just me...

This dress is so pretty and a great example of where your swimwear can pull double duty for you.

Pairing a black high waist swim bottom is going to control your tummy a lot better than just a pair of panties and those swim bottoms are designed to be worn in public, and built for it too. This works for stand alone sheer bottoms too.

If you're feeling more cheeky, then opt for a skimpier bikini bottom of your choosing.

The model opted not to wear anything under her dress, which is her preference and choice. If you desire to wear a top under your dress, I would recommend a simple black bandeau top. Again a swimwear bandeau is going to be build better than a simple cotton bandeau and better ones will lift and support and have boning on the side to prevent the bandeau from rolling down.

The Nic Hyl Dilan Bandeau is a great bandeau that can be paired under many sheer styles. Check it out now.

If you look closely, you can see the model in this picture is wearing a nude bikini under her sheer white dress. That's the perfect way to wear a style like this!

NIC TIP: try pairing your sheer white dress with a hot pink, yellow, red or any other color bikini to add a pop of fun to your look. That's going to be a great look especially when you're traveling.

Strappy Tops

Strappy tops are fun, cute and perfect when you're going out or on vacation. But with strappy tops comes some questions about what bra (if any) we wear with them. I'm the kind of woman that almost always wears bras (the skin at the breast is so delicate and not wearing bras imo, speeds up boobs becoming saggy-just my opinion for whatever it's worth, but so far it's working ;-)

The trick with strappy tops is what are the straps doing or not doing? Once you dissect what's happening with the straps, you can then begin to look for a cute way to wear it and have your undergarments too.

The halter

The halter top wraps around the neck and often has your upper back exposed. The triangle swimsuit top is the perfect top to wear under a halter because of how similar the lines are cut for each.

The great thing about the triangle swim top (pictured on the right, by Nic Hyl) is that you can cross the traps in front of your neck to allow for it to work for a style like the black top in the center.

For women with larger breasts, there are triangle tops that fit you too. You want to look for double row or straps at the area under your breast and a wider cut "triangle" to help support you better. If you experience pain at the nape of your neck when wearing this type of top, you can have the closure adjusted to be a snap or a hook by a local tailor.

The Strappy Back

These tops are so dramatic and beautiful, but if you want to wear them alot of times you feel like you have to go braless to get the look. Well, I never do.

Instead opt for a swim top that is the same color as the top and make it be part of the look. For this type of style I would either pair it with an underwire swim bra and cross the straps at the back to copy that "X" shape the top is making (better swim brands will make this type of top with adjustable straps), or I would wear a triangle top that is the same color yellow so it blends in seamlessly.

Play with the swimwear pieces you have to figure out wha's going to work with your clothes.

NIC TIP: If possible, bring a couple of your swim tops with you when you're shopping IRL to try them on in the fitting room. If shopping on line, try these tops on at home with the swim tops I've mentioned.

These are some great tips especially with summer around the corner. How are you going to wear all of your cute new summer clothes? As always, remember, to shop sustainably, shop small and local, and donate pieces from your closet that you no longer need.

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