How to Prep for Your Best Summer Yet

Summer is around the corner, (despite the fact that it’s currently snowing outside in New York). Summer prep in New York has more to do with getting yourself and your home prepared for guests, weekend beach vacates, and eating fresh delicious foods. It can be hard though, because your apartment is hidden from hibernating all winter long. Your abs may be hiding too, and the last thing you want to thing about is a beach weekend that seems like it may never arrive.

Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these great tips to prep for spring and summer while still being in the full swing of winter.

A. Start adding cardio to your weekly routine. Nothing crazy for now, 3 times per week for about half hour each time should be enough to get your body to start burning some fat so you can look and feel your best in those skimpier summer clothes….after all, you won’t have your parka to wear anymore. Check out @kinksandbikinis on Instagram or the Body Coach on Youtube for some great fitness advice. I do the Body Coach’s workouts about 4 times per week and I love them!

B. Think about what swimwear you want to wear. Find 2-3 great suits to invest in that can last the long haul. One of my absolute favs is the Dana 1pc from my collection, Nager By Nic Hyl. It doubles as a body suit for all of those great jeans and skirts you’re going to wear this summer. The support is amazing and it looks beautiful on everyone I’ve ever seen it on. Head on over to the website to check it out.

The Dana 1 Pc

This great swimsuit is built for every woman. Shop summer now at

C. Start your spring cleaning. It can take longer than you think. Start thinking of that indoor garden, get rid of old clothes in prep for your closet update, start thinking of the spring and summer get togethers you want to have now and what you’ll have on your menu. Before you know it, the time will be here to host. The more prepped you are, the more you’ll actually be able to enjoy your party, too.

D. Update your passport if you need to now, so that once summer hits you’re up to date and ready to go on your international travels. Updating it online is easy and simple. Head on over to The Department of State, to get all of the forms and FAQ’s that you’ll need.

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