How to Have Easy Effortless Style

Just how exactly does one get this easy, effortless street style that we talked about yesterday? Is it just knowing what to wear? Is it following a trend or your fav it girl? What does that look like when you’re out shopping? In this edition of The Weekly Scoop, we’ll examine how effortless style translates from the stores to your style.

Vintage shopping: This is by far one of my favorite places to go to for on the moment trends for chic street style. Sort of funny when you think about the fact that everything in these places are old. I think the trick with vintage shopping is having your own voice on style and fashion because you have to have an image of how you’ll incorporate what you see here, into your wardrobe. This is a higher level shopping. Take your fav fashion forward friend with you, if you need help. She probably vintage shops and you don’t even know it. Check your local directories for great vintage stores, or ask some fashionable girls at local boutiques.

Knowing what you need: This is going to sound crazy, but at any given time, I have a list of clothing items that I need. I usually start the list at the end of a season, since the list is what I need for the upcoming season. I keep it short. At this stage of the game, it compliments, what I already have, or replaces things that are a bit worse for wear. I buy investment pieces during this time. Investment pieces are pieces that may cost a bit more, but they will last for many, many years to come. When shopping like this, consider how many times you’ll wear the item. Divide that by cost. This gives you your cost per wear. When you look at it like that, some pieces are worth the price. Especially when you figure you would have to replace it’s  lesser expensive “it looks just like it” item, many times over the same time frame.

Putting it together: Now as you “just throw on” your outfit, you’re choosing from really special, unique pieces, from your shopping list and vintage pieces you’ve acquired. You’ll eventually reach so many great pieces, that no matter what you just put on your body, will come out looking great, chic and effortless. This is how you get that look.  Nic tip: These great unique pieces you buy, don’t always have to be expensive, if that is not what you want. They just need be made well, something you love, and be able to look good and be fashionably relevant, year after year. Classic pieces are a great starting point if you’re new to this.

Alessandra Ambrosio's Effortless Style

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Effortless Style

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