How to Get Free or Great Service From Your Wedding Vendors

My fiancé and I have even been having the best service from our wedding vendors and have even been getting a few things thrown in for free! At first, we thought we were just really blessed (I don’t believe luck), but after it kept happening and sharing this great news with our parents, they told us it was because of who we are as people and what we do. This got me thinking that I had to share with others so that they can benefit too!

I’m a swimwear designer (My line is Nager By Nic Hyl and my fiancé works in hospitality here in New York City. We both understand how detailed, taxing and grueling both industries can be. As a designer, I also respect and appreciate the work that others devote to their craft. So what is it that we’re doing that is so “special” that we’re getting a $10,000 upgrade on our ballroom? What is it about us that makes us get a free wedding planner? How did we snag out engagement photos for next to nothing? Well read on my friends and I’ll share it below:

Respect: we respect the experience and professionalism of the amazingly talented professionals we hired to help us on our special day. I know nothing about being an event planner. Sure, I watch HGTV, The Property Brothers and Flip or Flop like most people do…but it doesn’t mean I know anything about what goes into the building of an event or the event space. So, I let my wedding coordinator and event coordinator know what I like and what I don’t like (generally speaking as it relates to their expertise) and I ask them to have fun with it-based off of what I like. I leave every conversation saying, “I trust you and your team and know you will do a great job. Thank you all for your hard work”. As a result, they love working with me and they often do things well outside of what I pay for. In simple terms, I stay in my lane…which is that of the bride.

Kindness: I start every email, phone call and conversation with how are you and the team doing? I always ask about the professionals helping to make my day special. I always say hi to the staff, I always smile and make the experience fun so that they put that same energy back into the work they do for Marc and I. This kindness just got us an upgrade to a much better ballroom, a savings of $10,000, we also got our wedding planner for free because of this same kindness-she is our friend, but she would not take our money. As the old saying goes, you can get catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

Bridezilla: I am not this. My cake designer literally told us during our tasting that she fired a bride and refused to continue to work with her because she was so mean and disrespectful. Sure, you’re paying your hard-earned money for a very special and intimate occasion, but that doesn’t mean you get to treat people like crap.

If you find that you’re not getting the service you expected, or it’s just problem after problem try looking at the energy and treatment you’re giving the professionals you’re working with. If they are capable and it’s been nothing but frustrations, it may be you and not them. Remember that their reputation is on the line, they have no desire to give you bad service, their industry works on word of mouth and past performance.

Lastly, it’s your wedding, enjoy it, relax and have fun! You’re job is to be a bride, theirs is to plan and execute your event 🙂

Read this for tips on how to get Free things for your wedding day.

Read this for tips on how to get Free things for your wedding day.

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