How to Build Winter ‘Fits Inspired by Joan Kim


I personally have a hard time finding fashion bloggers for cold weather fits as a lot of famous bloggers are more on the LA-based side. So one day, while falling down the rabbit hole of YouTube travel vlogs, I found Joan Kim a beauty and travel blogger from based in South Korea. 

Since New York is still a lot colder than South Korea, these ‘fits are gonna focus more on what’s under your trusty winter coat.

Joan Kim’s outfits are practical without being boring. She relies heavily classic pieces that are usually in neutral colors. This allows her to have a timeless wardrobe that can transcend trends. For example, the long black trench coat she is sporting is great for dressing up or down. Its beautiful enough on its own to be the center of an all black outfit. Or it can be used to streamline a potentially clunky outfit.

Even when she is participating in current trends, like sporting a Balenciaga label cap, a very Hypebae brand, she picks a very practical color scheme. The black and white cap can match with practically anything in her closet. The cap makes the look sporty but the brand makes it expensive, elevating her whole look. She can use this piece for a very long time for plenty of outfits before she gets bored with it. 

Joan Kim’s style is perfect for any young professional who needs to work and look good at the same time. Picking a few of your favorite colors to build your whole closet can save a lot of time and money in the long run. Next time you’re picking out an outfit, try and go for an all neutral look with a pop of color like the one Joan is wearing in the pic above. White, denim, and red. She’s comfortable without looking sloppy a perfect ‘fit for getting work done.

If you like Joan Kim’s looks you can follow her on Instagram @joankeem and follow her on her Youtube channels Joan Kim and Joan Day.

Beauty and Fashion Channel

Vlog/ Travel Channel

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