How to Be Cute At the Ugly Sweater Party

Holidays are one of my favorite times of the year! I love the happiness in the air, the smell of pine from the Christmas trees, family, friends, and tons of sweet treats. Getting dressed in some of my favorite sparkly outfits, opaque tights and super cute anke boots. But then……you get that invite….. to the ugly sweater party. We’ve all been invited to them before, some more than we may want to. Now I know some people that go, participate and wear a sweater they hate! Compromising their sense of fashion all the while. Others go and don’t participate at all, but then you look like a scrooge, which is not cool either.

So what do you do? Because I have a strict policy on not buying or owning ugly things, I can’t participate in this party theme the way the host may have intended. But I do participate. I opt for a cute Christmas themed sweater. You know, Mikey and Minni wearing a santa hat, or a cute puppy wrapped up in lights. Maybe even just a red and green striped sweater. All paired with a cute leather pleated skirt, or leather leggings and your cute boots.

Why sacrifice style just to fit in? No Ma’am! Not on my watch.

You can get these sweaters from tons of places like Target, Walmart, Amazon you name it. If you look, you probably already have one in your closet.

I got mine from last year for about $20 and I love it. It’s a man’s sweater, so I bought a size small and no one was the wiser. I wore it with black ripped up skinny’s, and black stiletto knee high boots. It was perfect. When I was on my hunt for sweaters to this, “ugly sweater party” I came across so many adorable sweaters. They’re definitely out there, you just have to do a little monitor shopping. Happy hunting!

Comment below and share these tips if they were helpful to you. Thank you!

Marc Jacobs Leather Skirt and Micky Mouse Holiday Sweater r

No Ugly Sweaters for this girl.

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