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Headbands and all sorts of cold weather hair accessories are HUGE still going into the winter season. Wearing them can pose some definite hair dilemmas, especially if you want to wear them frequently, but don’t want your hair to look the same from day to day.

Because I’m wanting to wear more headbands and hats, I thought it would be a great time to explore different hairstyles that are super cute, easy to do, and work perfectly for those winter hair accessories.

Soft knitted caps with just some of the hair framing the face is an easy go to. You sill look super femme, and the hair will showcase your neck beautifully. You can try a side braid for this type of hat too.

Wispy Tendrils for a Cute Hat Head of Hair

Wispy Tendrils for a Cute Hat Head of Hair

Headband Hairstyles. Headbands can be dressy or casual. If you’re going to a wedding, there are plenty of style options to find on line, and at the hair salon. If you’re going out on a date with your BF, style options may be more difficult to come by. Dry for soft, upswept curls that aren’t too thought out or simply wear your hair down or out (for my curly women out there).

Soft Upswept Curls are Perfect for Headbands

Soft Upswept Curls are Perfect for Headbands

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