Hairs to you!

Hair. It can be your crowning glory or the thorn in thorn in your side. Ultimately, the health and care you devote to it largely effect your perception of it. How do you style your gorgeous locks for a day at the beach or pool? Do you need to prep your hair to be exposed to the sun? If so, how do you do that? What are some current trends with hair now? Does the style work with your swimsuit or outfit? There are so many fun, beautiful hair trends, that there is no need to walk around with it pulled back in a bun or plain ponytail. Have fun with it! After all, it’s just hair.

I literally wore my hair like this today. Simple yet effective. Looks great on most face shapes and really helps to protect your tresses from the elements. I actually wear my hair like this a lot in the winter time to protect my ends. I think I’ll start adding this to my roster of styles for the beach too.


My hair texture is thick and course. I have a lot of it, but it gets dry very easily. I have an afro and completely love it! Besides being tons of fun, I can do almost anything with it. Our first lady agrees. If you have naturally curly hair, wearing it curly at the beach is a VERY good look.


I really love braids on long hair right now. But don’t just do a simple braid with no umph, put some personality in it. Let go of the rules that it needs to be perfectly coifed; messy braids are so in and will give you a very romantic look. This is a great style to also wear with a floppy beach hat…hint, hint, hint.


Whatever your personal tastes are when it comes to your hair, it should be fun, beautiful and easy for a day of relaxation on your vacation or your day of rest at the beach. Don’t fuss over it too much; instead, spend the time figuring out what shapes the clouds are making and what your next beverage will be . Hairs to you!

Me and my afro in a Nager by Nic Hyl swimsuit

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