Gluteus to the Maximus

So after our tummy tuck yesterday, I thought it would be a great idea to talk about the glutes. This tricky body part needs to be worked out too. Some women overlook it and build their workout routine around cardio and every other body part except for the gluteus. Other women think that if they weren’t born with it, they can never have it. Well the truth is, the gluteus maxims (one of only 3 muscles in the derriere region), is built jut like any other muscle. The trick is just knowing all the different angles to hit during your workout to work out all 3 muscles in this body part (Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Minimus, and Gluteus Medius). Successful execution of of your workout regime will lead to a beautiful, round bum. P.S. squats alone, won’t get the job done. Below are some of my favorite bum workouts.

1. Squats: they’re great!. remember to squeeze your butt on the way up to engage your muscles and get the full benefit of your movement. Move slow and controlled. The slower and more controlled you’re moving, while squeezing your butt, the more effective the work out is. Be sure to press through the heel. Add free weights or a kettle bell to engage your arms and add more difficulty- still focusing on control and your form.

2. Lunges: they are amazing. Try front, rear, side and courtesy. Do a full set of all 4 types of lunges 10 time each. You will feel it. Form is of the utmost of importance with lunges. You must align your knee just atop of your ankle, and you knees should never go past your toes on your standing leg. Improper exception  could lead to knee injuries or ankle injuries or both. If you’re wobbly in the beginning, just hold on to the back of a chair or the wall-eventually you’ll be hands free.

3. Donkey kicks: so this move pulsates your keg up and down as your kneel on all 3’s (one leg is in the air and hands are down as though you may do a pus up) Pulsate your leg. The movement could be very large, or very fine. repeat for a few sets on both legs.

4. Jump rope: one of my favorites. this actually works out the entire body and is great cardio. Hold in your abdominals and your butt- this will be tricky in the beginning. Control the wight with which you land and control your movement. Try to do it for 5 minutes (it sounds easier than it is). Work your way up to 20 minutes. Seriously, if you only have time to do one workout per day or in a pinch for time, jumprope. Best of all, a jump rope is seriously, about 5 bucks.

5. Deadlifts: this works your gluteus minimus and your hamstrings. It will give the appearance of a lifted butt. Keep your legs straight, and in a 90 degree angle lower your torso only. Pressing through your heels, slowly liftyour torso while squeezing your butt. Try Youtube for workout videos. One of my best friends told me about the Tone it Up Girls on Youtube and I subscribe to their channel and watch them a few times per week. They show great form and how to execute the moves. Another favorite of mine is the Brazilian Buttlift workout videos.

One Leg Weighted Deadlift

One Leg Weighted Deadlift

Donkey Kick

Donkey Kick

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