Fitness New Year Resolution Help- The Friend Series

Happy New Year!!!!! Out with the old and in with the new. The ringing in of the new year brings about countless people flocking to the gym, signing up, getting personal trainers and vowing to make themselves healthy for the new year. You’ve heard the motivational sayings, “new year, new me”, “lean in 2017”, “summer bodies are made in the winter”, I could literally go on and on. Knowing all of this and how motivated we are, statistics say that by February, yes folks February, 60% of gyms that were packed with January New Years resolutions, are empty again. That’s just 30 days later and is crazy! That means more than half of us, will fall back into our old habits, and not make our health a priority for the new year. What’s more, it means we broke our vow….to ourselves.

So I spoke with my friend and my prep coach, Master trainer Paola Duque out of Courage Fitness Club in Woodside, Queens about some best practices on being successful on your fitness journey. Here are her tips:

  1. Q:  “What tips can you give someone who is just getting started again with working out?”

A. Paola: “Just wake up and do 15 minutes in the morning to start. Break the old pattern and just get started. Whether that’s waking up 15 minutes earlier to do that 15 minute workout, or doing the 15 minute workout at the end of your work do, break the old pattern and replace it with a new one. Before you realize it, you will need those 15 minutes and then 15 minutes turns into 30 minutes, 30 minutes becomes 45 and so on. Before you know it, you’ll be doing an hour everyday. ”

2. Q: “So once this person is doing their 15 minutes for a few weeks, what diet advice can you give them to help get their eating under control?”

A: Paola: “Number 1, have breakfast! Most people skip breakfast and think it’s not important. It’s actually THE most important meal of the day. It starts your day, it starts your week. It actually plays out your energy levels for the whole week, not just that one day, but for the whole week. Eat your breakfast! Once you’ve started eating a healthy breakfast, it will set the tone for the day and you will begin to slowly correct the other meals, but if you have no breakfast, the day is lost and other meals tend to go down hill from there.”

3. Q: “How much cardio is too much cardio?”

A: Paola: It depends on the goals and how you’re eating to be honest. But in general, I’d say 30 minutes per day is an average amount for anyone. But it all depends on your goals and eating habits, injuries.”

4. Q: Is there such a thing as spot training? Can we just work out one body part to improve it?”

A: Paola: Lol, that is a myth, no you cannot spot train. You can tighten certain areas, but once you start loosing weight, you’ll start loosing it in all areas. You can sculpt your body, which is different and it may be why some people think you can “spot train”, but you can’t say, ‘I want to lose my belly and think that if you only do abs all day everyday, that you’ll get abs”

5. Q: You’re the best booty builder in New York. What booty building tips can you share?”

A. Paola: “Squat, squat, squat! All variations of squats. Squat heavy and watch the knees. Lunges, step ups. Honestly, the basic movements are going to help you build a booty. ”

6. Q: What’s one tip you wished your clients asked you, and don’t:

A: Paola: Hmm, good question. I don’t know if this is a tip, but I would say I wished they used my phone number more. I give them my number and let them know I’m accessible 24 hrs, and they don’t use it. I rarely get a text from any of my clients asking me about a meal if they’re out to dinner, or questions about their cardio or anything. The clients that do use my number and ask questions while they’re in their daily lives, are more successful. One client lost 60 lbs, in combination from reaching out when she needed help, and following her meal plan and exercises regularly.”

Paola offers video training sessions for any clients who live far away. Paola can be reached at:

Courage Fitness Club

52-01 Queens Blvd.

Queens, NY


Fit_individuals@gmail.com and @courage.fc on Instagram.

If you liked this post, pls help and share these master training tips with your friends! Questions? Comment below. 

Good luck with your 2017 fitness goals 🙂

Lose the fat

New Years Resolutions Fitness Tips from Master Trainer Paola Duque

Eating right

A nutritious meal is just as important as working out. Eating right lets you see the result of all of your hard work.

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