Fireside Chats with Rebecca Minkoff and Samantha Wassner

Last night, I had the privilege of getting to sit down with Rebecca Minkoff and Samantha Wassner. Granted, there were about forty other women in the room, but the experience was just as amazing. The atmosphere was elegantly stirring and everyone, from the guests to the staff, was pleased to be there.

When I walked into Minkoff’s store, I was greeted with stunning decor. A display of tiered champagne glasses to grab as you please. An extremely cute and sophisticated presentation of our guest speaker’s vegan breadsticks (with dipping sauces) and soft chocolate chip cookies and Rebecca’s stunning collection of clothing and accessories. As I walked past the flood of pristinely dressed women trying out the tech-savvy dressing rooms, I spotted the cutest little trinkets of pens, matches, and business cards that had been set up around the food.

The adorably sophisticated by Chloe. display

The energy was just as exciting as the treats. All I could do was soak it up as I looked around at all of these incredibly dressed women talking to their friends about the relevant news that was occurring in the fashion world. I was halfway through my champagne when the duo sat down in their chicly fashioned area at the front of the room.

Rebecca Minkoff and Samantha Wassner

What I thought would just be a conversation about the power of women and their entrepreneurial goals was mistaken for a Q & A. I wasn’t gutted that it hadn’t been as I expected, rather pleased. We listened to Rebecca ask Samantha some great questions about how she got her start, reached her success, and the struggles of everything in between; to which she answered gracefully and thoroughly. We learned how she came about co-creating by Chloe. and the journey it took to reach her success. You could feel her passion as she spoke and you could also see how much she inspired everyone in the room, myself included.

I left the “fireside” chat with high hopes and inspiration that evening. After taking a few (also great) questions from people in the audience, Rebecca invited us to stay, eat, drink and socialize. I walked around the store going back and forth looking at all of her pieces and munching my life away. I wasn’t able to stand in the lengthy line to briefly talk to both women but I was satisfied to have had the experience regardless.

The most important thing I took away from listening to Samantha tell her story was to believe in yourself, as cliche as they may be. It’s a simple message and a difficult task to always keep in my mind, but if you surround yourself with amazing people with great intentions, then it’s not impossible.

If you’re looking for more female empowerment and advice on how to embrace your craft, please don’t hesitate to attend one of these chats. They’re held once or twice every month and are always posted on Rebecca’s social media with dates, times, and locations.

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